ConsensIQ is an easy to use, online tool that helps you to take more effective decisions and give more accurate prognostications

  • participants go to a URL on their smartphone
  • you choose a topic/question with several options/answers
  • participants divide 100 points over several options
  • live updating of points; you can see which options gets the most points
  • you can delete or add options based upon the scores
  • participants keep on dividing points until one option has reached enough back-up

The tool can be integrated in any other voting tool or event application or used as a stand-alone via an URL of your choice. It can also be designed according to your brand guidelines. No download is required. Moderators use the remote page to control the tool and to toggle the questions and options.

Why ConsensIQ?

ConsensIQ assists groups in forecasting and decision-making. This can apply to a wide range of topics:

- In which market should we invest?

- What is the best solution to a specific problem?

- What is the best way to exploit a product or service?

- How will the economy evolve?

- What is most important to our potential customers?

- Who will win the elections?

- Where will we find the best opportunities for attracting new members?

- Etc.

Compared to existing tools, ConsensIQ works fundamentally differently:

It does not aim for a straightforward majority, allowing 51% (or less) to rule over the rest of the group. ConsensIQ wants to find the solution to which most participants in the dialogue can say ‘yes’.
The voting process is fully dynamic. Progressive insight and changing one’s opinions are encouraged.
And, it includes the introvert and the modest into the decision making process. In an interactive and intuitive approach, it is not only the ‘loudmouths’ that rule the order.


Step 1: Questions

First of all, participants are confronted with a number of answers to the question at hand. If needs be – depending on the process – they are initially provided with some facts & figures; or with a speaker.

Step 2: Point Allocation

Secondly, the participants are allowed to allocate 100 points to all options, using the sliders in the tool. Some will grant all of their points to only 1-2 options; others will spread them more widely. This will paint varicoloured pictures of people’s opinions.

Step 3: Point Review

The moderator urges the participants to take a closer look at what others think, to be flexible and to help the group reach a higher grade of consensus.
The voting process is fully dynamic: everyone, at any moment, can change the position of their sliders, leading to a constantly changing and dynamic outcome.

Step 4: Reallocation of points

At any given moment, the moderator can put the voting on hold: to allow the participants to review the results so far, to provide people with extra information, or to have them exchange arguments. Subsequently, everyone can once again reallocate their 100 points.

Step 5: Excluding Options

The moderator can exclude options that continue to get low percentages. People who allocated points to these options will recover them and grant them to other options. This may cause a sudden shift or may make results more clear.

Step 6: Most supported option

Participants keep (re)dividing points, untill one option is backed by a large majority. It is also possible to set a required majority of, say, 80%. The result will be a balanced one, and supported by the group, resulting in a better execution or implementation.

Moderator certification

ConsensIQ functions best, when given into the caring hands of a seasoned moderator.

To make sure moderators are well equipped for their task, we offer training.

Incompany moderator


  • Workshop
  • including 1 hour personal coaching
  • Optional: Incompany group of max 30 moderators @ € 2500

Self employed moderators


  • Workshop
  • including 1 hour personal coaching
  • Official ConsensIQ Licensed Logo
  • 2 times free use - 10% discount on all future use

Note: VAT not included yet. On all options Reseller Agreement applicable