About us

Founding Partners

ConsensIQ is developed by two esteemed agencies in the meetings and event industry: Masters in Moderation and PresentersWall.

Their cooperation combines the better of two worlds: both interaction & engagement experts and event tech specialists.

Masters in Moderation

Masters in Moderation is a leading moderator-facilitator agency worldwide. Their people moderate all kinds of meetings and facilitate hundreds of events every year.

Their clients think highly of the “Dutch way” of moderating: highly engaging and interactive, fully ‘objective based’.

Masters in Moderation believe that a great moderator will make any meeting more fun, more effective and definitely more worthwhile. By genuinely involving people and by changing meetings from speaker-driven to participants-central, learning will be more intense.

The founders Jan-Jaap in der Maur and Hans Etman are considered thought-leaders in the industry.

On top of that, Masters in Moderation provides personal coaching to moderators (both the professionals and the beginners), train groups and offer the international flagship workshop ‘Mastering Moderation’.

Masters in Moderation received several international awards for moderation and interaction-design: European Best Event Awards, Eventex and the Dutch Golden Giraffes.


PresentersWall is a worldwide operating digital event company. With a team of creatives and in-house developers they create unique interactive experiences at thousands of events per year. Their award winning voting tool is used by many clients including Spotify, KLM and RTL.

One of the founders of PresentersWall, Jerre Maas, is a professional moderator, always seeking new ways to interact with his audience.