We believe that decision-making processes can be more effective.
We believe that predictions & prognoses can be more accurate.
We know we can help you – as a group – to make cleverer choices.

ConsensIQ is an innovative tool that helps groups of any size to use the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to the max: fast, easy and effective.

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ConsensIQ works perfectly, if:

- You need effective decision-making (political, business or otherwise)

- You need to do accurate predictions and forecasting

- Reaching consensus is vital. Not in the sense of ‘a bleak compromise’, but as a joint, well-explored outcome of a thorough group process

- You really need people to back the execution of ideas

- Building a co-creating network is important to your organization, more so than top-down decision-making

- You are an event-agency and you want to offer a high-end tool, generating a big impact to meeting owners

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Wait… isn’t this just another voting tool?

No . . .

Voting tools make sure that the majority wins. One man, one vote. A majority as small as 38% can impose their opinion on the rest. ConsensIQ uses the wisdom of the crowd to gain the best decision for everyone. The tool, in the hands of a certified moderator, ensures that you reach a decision most people can agree to.

Any Voting tool

One man, one vote

Vote is final

Majority wins

Easy to use


One man, 100 points to divide

Votes change during discussion/dialogue

Option with the most support wins

Easy to use